Original Quick Fist

Original Quick Fist

Card No. 1092.20

Original Quick Fist, a one-piece rubber clamp, is ideal for stowing or transporting tools. Quick Fist Rubber Clamp mounts easily to keep shovels, axes, hoses and other tools securely in place. Made from UV resistant, heavy-duty, transportation grade rubber, each clamp supports a safe working load of 11kg. Quick Fist is made in the USA and produced to the highest standards to meet the requirements of the US Coast Guard, Fire Fighters and the Mining Industries. These easy to install rubber clamps will mount almost anything you have and want to be secured to your vehicle, inside or out.

Ideal for off-road trucks, boats, military equipment, ATVs, or any vehicle.

25 to 45mm
Made In USA

$11.25 (GST Inc) $10.23 (GST Ex)