Definitely our most specialised and unique range of products. As Authorised Distributors and Certified Services Centres for the HUCK range of fasteners ovesco offers a comprehensive package of sales, service and hire of HUCK product and HUCK installation tooling. Small diameter blind fasteners like the Magna-Lok, Magna-Bulb and BOM. Large diameter two piece fasteners such as the HUCK C50, Breaker Bolts, C6L and smaller diameter Magna-Grip. Hydraulic and Pneudraulic installation tooling with various nose assemblies to suit specific fastener diameter and style.

The ovesco rivet range includes Marson Rivet and Threaded Insert range and are available in Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Steel. Coming in a variety of sizes from 3/32” to ¼” in diameter the Marson rivets cover a grip range of up to 35mm in some sizes. The Marson Threaded Inserts are available in metric sizes from M4 to M10. The Threaded Inserts are superior in attaching threaded fixtures to sheet-metal.