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Emergency Safety Triangle
Emergency Safety Triangle

Emergency Safety Triangle

Card Number. 11440.16

Emergency Warning Breakdown Safety Triangle Kit of 3


  • Heavy duty emergency safety triangle kit of 3
  • Portable kit includes 3 high quality safety triangles for use during break downs and emergencies
  • Non skid rubber feet provides stability to keep the triangles in place in high wind and passing traffic
  • High reflectivity due to its precise retro tooling perfect for night time use. Inner fluorescent orange colour warns daytime traffic
$47.95 (GST Inc) $43.59 (GST Ex) See Details
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FS5X/7109 Safety Flag 1.5m with Base

FS5X/7109 Safety Flag 1.5m with Base

Card Number. 2860.15

  • 1.5 meter length
  • Stands up to extreme temperatures and conditions
  • Mounting base included
  • fluorescent nylon mesh flag with  X
  • Whip constructed from premium fiberglass resin
$167.70 (GST Inc) $152.45 (GST Ex) See Details
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CP19Y 19mm Wheel Nut Indicator

CP19Y 19mm Wheel Nut Indicator

Card Number. 2860.19

Wheel nut indicators are fitted to the wheel nuts to help identify any loose nuts. Vehicle operators will notice when any nuts are out of alignment, thereby preventing the possibility of wheel detachment. In addition, the wheel nuts will melt/ deform if subject to high temperatures such as bearing failure.

$1.65 (GST Inc) $1.50 (GST Ex) See Details
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Keep staff and civilians safe with proper vehicle safety

There are endless opportunities for accidents on a worksite, with vehicle movement being one of the most common and dangerous. Smart tradies do everything they can to make sure the space around moving vehicles, whether on-site or at site entry/exit points, is as safe as can be for workers and civilians alike.

Ovesco stocks a wide range of vehicle safety products designed for high visibility and maximum safety. We stock everything you need, from wheel nut indicators to roadside emergency safety triangles. Browse our full range, and get in touch with our specialists for recommendations on safety products best suited to your vehicles and site.

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