Simple but Effective Cam Latches

Create a tight door seal with quarte trurn cam latches

In industrial and marine environments, it’s often critical for even small doors and hatches to have dust and water-tight seals to protect the components and equipment held within. Cam latch handles are a reliable way of doing just that. 

Ovesco’s cam latches are ideally suited to marine and industrial vehicles. Our latches consist of two components: the cylindrical keyed nut, which forms the body of the latch, and the rotating L-shaped tongue bar, also known as the cam. Once the door is closed, you can rotate the cam bar a quarter turn to create a tight and secure seal. The flush design of our cam latches protects them from any bumps and knocks on the work site. 

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What is a cam latch?

A cam latch is a type of latch mechanism commonly used to secure doors, panels, or compartments in various applications. It consists of a cam, which is a rotating or sliding piece of metal or plastic, and a latch, which engages with the cam to hold the door or panel closed. When the cam is turned or moved, it either extends or retracts the latch, allowing the door to be securely closed or opened. 

Why are cam latches suitable for industrial and marine environments?

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