Gas Struts, Gas Stays, Gas Springs, Gas Rams, so many names for the same product. Traditionally most people would recognise a gas strut from their vehicles bonnet or boot as a means of assisting in lifting it. The ovesco range of gas struts have been designed and manufactured with industrial applications in mind featuring treated shafts to eliminate rusting and promoting longevity through quality materials. Heavy duty gas struts with a number of mounting bracket options available and a great selection of lengths and pressures to help solve many design requirements. The ovesco ‘Series 8’ range offers the most popular sizes available with varying pressures at cost effective prices and all available off the shelf for immediate delivery. Gas strut reference tables on our web site assist in the correct identification for your project whether you’re designing or replacing your gas strut. We also cater for common vehicle replacement gas struts and can save you time and money in comparison to the original genuine manufacturer items.

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