45° Inclinometers for Precise Angle Calibration

Dual Scale Inclinometer

Dual Scale Inclinometer

Card Number. 1128.92

White plastic, screw-on, dual scale inclinometer with easy to read markings. Scale from 0 - 45 degrees and 0 - 5 degrees to attain optimum heel angle.

100 x 81 mm

$30.65 (GST Inc) $27.86 (GST Ex) See Details
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Inclinometer with Self Adhesive

Inclinometer with Self Adhesive

Card Number. 1128.90

Easy to read 45 degree - 0 degree - 45 degree inclinometer is perfect for attaining optimum heel angle

Self adhesive backing for easy mounting. Small 90 x 42mm

$24.31 (GST Inc) $22.10 (GST Ex) See Details
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Our hyper durable inclinometers excel in all environments

Inclinometers instantly measure the tilt angle of an object such as equipment, vehicles or buildings. They’re small but critical tools on practically every worksite, on land or at sea.

Ovesco’s inclinometers are designed to withstand the stresses of practically every site. Our Lev-o-gage adhesive inclinometers can be mounted on practically any surface, and measure -45/+45 degree angles on a high-vis tube. Our dual-scale inclinometers offer even greater precision by giving you two tilt readings at a glance.


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What is an industrial inclinometer?

An industrial inclinometer is a measurement instrument used to determine the angle of tilt or inclination of an object or surface relative to the earth's gravitational field. It's commonly employed in industrial applications and four-wheel driving. 

What are the primary applications of industrial inclinometers?

What are the benefits of using industrial inclinometers?

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