Highly Durable Matting for Ute Cabins and Trays

Ute Matting 10mm x 1830mm
Ute Matting 10mm x 1830mm

Ute Matting 10mm x 1830mm

Card Number. 11440.90

Sold by the metre.

Size: 10mm (height) x 1830mm (width) x length. The hole diameter is 15mm. Item will be provided in a continuous length up to 10metres which is the maximum roll length.

UV Stabilised Rubber matting is ideal for ute trays, vans and any commercial vehicle that needs protection as well as workshops, industrial spaces, floors, garages, outdoor areas, loading docks and so much more. This ute matting is made from 10mm heavy-duty rubber. The underside is designed with a studded back and drainage holes to allow the mat to breathe and drain. 

  • UV stable
  • Resistant to most chemicals and liquids
  • Good tear, crack and warp resistance
  • Highly durable in extreme conditions and ambient temperatures
  • Studs on the underside help prevent water pooling and rust
  • Good sound-dampening qualities
  • Excellent anti-slip properties
  • Helps prevent your load from shifting while it protects your tray
  • Sizes to fit any tray
  • Allows air to circulate to prevent rust
$114.75 (GST Inc) $104.32 (GST Ex) See Details
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Keep your ute tray slip-free and safe

Ovesco’s ute mats are made from 10mm heavy-duty rubber, and fully capable of handling the grit, grime, and soaking rain of any worksite on land and beside the sea. These mats are designed for unparalleled slip resistance, but also highly resistant to abrasion damage, making them a stellar long-term solution for hard-working utes.

Browse our range to find mats that’ll perfectly fit your ute, and get in touch with our team for more anti-slip and safety products to improve your ute or work vehicle with.

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What is ute matting?

Ute matting is a protective covering designed to line the bed or tray of a utility vehicle, such as a pickup truck or an ute. It provides a durable and non-slip surface that helps prevent cargo from shifting during transport and protects the bed from scratches, dents, and corrosion.

What types of materials are used for ute matting?

How is ute matting installed?

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