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The most elemental components of all, you can’t even begin your manufacturing or construction project without getting your nuts, bolts, screws and clips in order — and they’d better be the right size, too.

Ovesco’s assembled a wide array of nuts and bolts, from speed nuts to Christmas tree clips, for all manufacturing needs. Coming in a range of sizes, these durable and reliable fasteners are ideal for all projects, including manufacturing and repairing vehicles and heavy machinery.

Browse our range, where you’ll discover several useful bolt and clip designs that are bound to be perfect for your needs. Get in touch for additional information or advice.


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Ovesco has been built on selection and service. We take pride in being able to offer product solutions for any issue in the industrial and transport sectors. Better yet, we have the experience to offer qualified advice across the broad selection of items we supply. We know what it takes to meet your expectations.

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We have over 4000 high quality product lines available in hundreds of different categories.

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We have over 20 years of experience servicing businesses in industrial and transport.

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Our staff are highly experienced tradespeople from an array of fields and offer reliable advice for all solutions in the industrial and transport sectors. Contact us by phone or send through an email enquiry and one of our qualified staff will contact you back to assist with the right solution.

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What is the difference between a bolt and a screw?

The key difference is that bolts require a separate nut to create a secure connection, while screws have threads that are designed to be used directly in a material, typically without a nut. Bolts are often used for detachable connections, while screws are used for permanent or semi-permanent ones.

Can bolts be reused?

Are there bolts specifically designed for specific materials or applications?

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