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PFD Testing & Lifejacket Servicing

Our PFD testing service ensures your inflatable lifejacket is at its peak performance, so you can stay safe when out on the water.

Why choose Ovesco for PFD testing

Only PFD service centre in the region

We’re the only company in the Hunter region that is authorised to service PFDs.

Decades of experience

Our team of PFD experts have sold and serviced inflatable lifejackets for decades.

Service popular brands

We service a range of PFD brands for recreational, sporting & commercial boaties.

Quick turnaround time

Our inflatable lifejacket servicing typically has a turnaround time of a few days.

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Watch: Ovesco's PFD maintenance service overview

What is PFD testing?

Personal flotation device (PFD) testing refers to the evaluation process to ensure that PFDs (such as lifejackets and life vests) meet specific safety standards and performance criteria before they are approved for use.

Wearing the correct inflatable life jacket for the conditions and activities you are undertaking is essential. As such, there are regulations that must be followed at all times when within Australian waters, including servicing and certification, which is required every 12 months for commercial applications and recommended every 12 months for recreational use.

At Ovesco, we’re the only accredited PFD company in the Hunter region that services PFDs.


Our PFD testing process

Servicing inflatable lifejackets is a legal requirement in NSW to keep the wearer safe on the water. The process involves checking things like the bladder, inflation mechanism, outer cover, and CO2 cylinder to ensure everything is in prime working order.

In NSW, we have a dedicated workshop where our trained technicians carry out services and inspections on PFDs, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Receive lifejacket

You can either bring your lifejacket to our workshop in Newcastle or ship it to us from anywhere in Australia.

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Evaluate condition

Once we’ve booked in the PFD, a technician will visually inspect it, inflate it to 3psi, and leave it overnight to ensure no leaks, before checking and weighing the cylinder to make sure it’s in date and in good condition.

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Continue with checks

Next, the technician will check the dates on your PFD’s lights, hammers and any other accessories, before advising you of any additional costs for repairs or replacement of parts.

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Sign off lifejacket

Once the PFD has passed the service and been signed off, you will receive a certificate. The process is fully documented and generally completed within 2-3 business days.

Servicing local and national industries & individuals


The army needs PFDs in full working order for amphibious, rescue, and training operations involving water.

Water police

Serviced lifejackets ensure that water police are equipped for tasks such as patrols and rescue missions.

Border patrol

Agents need PFDs when operating in or around bodies of water, particularly when the risk of drowning is significant.


Anyone wearing a lifejacket for recreational use must make sure it is serviced and inspected as required.


A fisherman’s lifejacket must be serviced to ensure their safety while engaged in fishing activities.


Lifejackets located around wharfs, docks, or piers must be maintained for those near or on the water.


Take a look behind the scenes to see a lifejacket inspection in action.

    Technician servicing a life jacket Technician servicing a life jacket
    Checking sensor is in date Checking sensor is in date
    Inflating jacket Inflating jacket
    Inspecting jacket Inspecting jacket

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"After 12 years in the industry, I've found ovesco is knowledgeable, competitively priced, well stocked and easy to deal with - there is no company I'd rather trust with my business."

Tom Crittenden Tom Crittenden Owner, Ultrafab

"The team at ovesco have always been over the top helpful and exceeded all expectations on price and delivery."

Aaron Hancock Aaron Hancock Owner, Azzbuilt Engineering

"We've been privileged to work closely with Ovesco for many years. The team know their stuff and consistently delivers outstanding service. They've become our go-to partner, always going the extra mile, and making us super happy with the price and delivery."

Clinton Faulkner Clinton Faulkner Director, Lift Industries


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Services & repairs Newcastle

As the only service centre in the Hunter region authorised to test PFDs, local customers can conveniently drop their lifejackets at our warehouse for inspection. Those outside of NSW can ship their PFDs to us and we will keep you updated on the service status via phone or email. 

New South Wales workshop

Services available:Pick-upDispatch

Our NSW workshop is conveniently located in Mayfield West. Visit us in-store or arrange for your PFD to be delivered.

4 Channel Road Mayfield West NSW 2304 (Get directions)
Mon - Fri, 7:30am till 4:00pm
Call us on 1300 151 268
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