User Friendly & Long-Lasting Inspection Ports

Inspection Port Black

Inspection Port Black

Card Number. 1119.70

Inspection Port Black 100mm ID X 145mm OD
$12.15 (GST Inc) $11.05 (GST Ex) See Details
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Inspection Port White

Inspection Port White

Card Number. 1119.72

Inspection Port White 100mm ID X 145mm OD
$11.45 (GST Inc) $10.41 (GST Ex) See Details
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Inspection Port

Inspection Port

Card Number. 1119.71

Inspection Port Black 150mm ID X 205mm OD
$16.65 (GST Inc) $15.14 (GST Ex) See Details
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Inspection Port

Inspection Port

Card Number. 1119.73

Inspection Port White 150mm ID x 205mm OD
$16.65 (GST Inc) $15.14 (GST Ex) See Details
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Secure inspection ports for various industrial settings

Inspection ports, also known as access doors or covers, are essential components in many types of machinery. Our specialists have designed easy-to-use yet highly secure inspection ports that can be installed on all types of industrial machinery or work vehicles. Their robust designs, quality materials and tight fits will protect your equipment, site and staff from harm caused by gas, liquid or contaminant seepage.

Ovesco’s inspection ports come in various sizes so you can choose the right one for your needs. Generally speaking, larger ports are suitable for machines with very large parts which require frequent inspections or maintenance. Smaller ports can be used on less complicated systems with fewer components that don't need regular servicing. 

Browse our collection of inspection ports or reach out to our friendly experts to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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What is an inspection port?

An inspection port, also known as an access port or service port, is a small opening or hatch installed in a structure, vessel, or equipment to provide access for inspection, maintenance, or repair purposes.

What are the benefits of using inspection ports?

What materials are inspection ports typically made from?

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