Blog - In February, 2018
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New Horizons 15 February 2018 New Horizons
You may have noticed last year that ovesco went through a key change in ownership and was acquired by the Bulbeck Group. We wanted to take some time to introduce you to Bulbeck, what that means for us at ovesco and you as a customer.The history of Bulbeck is a long one, they started out in 1949 as a supplier of consumables to heavy industry in Newcastle.  Through the 1950s - 1980’s they branched out into Marine products, Paint and industrial equipment.  As the industrial face of Newcastle ch...
The Benefits of Partnership: Saving both money and time 8 February 2018 The Benefits of Partnership: Saving both money and time
Varley is an Australian industrial engineering company that has provided innovative solutions and quality design to their customers for over 125 years.  The company wanted to find a more effective way to reduce its excessive inventory.  They wanted to improve efficiency, decrease manufacturing costs, and optimize business productivity.A fruitful partnership beginsovesco began working directly with Varley's engineers to create a list of materials. They identified products that were required. ...
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