Blog - In November, 2017
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Marine and Safety Products Sales and Testing 28 November 2017 Marine and Safety Products Sales and Testing
Your lifejacket, or Personal Floatation Device (PFD), is the most important piece of safety equipment on your boat. Even the strongest swimmer could tire and drown after extended time in the water, and that is if you are conscious when you go in. If you fall out of the boat and hit your head on the way overboard your lifejacket will be the only thing keeping your head above water. Wearing the correct PFD for the conditions and activities you are undertaking is essential, and as such there are re...
Quick Fist Ratchet Clamp 28 November 2017 Quick Fist Ratchet Clamp
There is always a moment you need something in the home, business, UTE or toolshed easily and quickly clamped down and safe.  Strong, durable, long-lasting and easy to use The Quick Fist Ratchet Clamp is the go-to Clamp.QUICK FIST clamps are made of heavy-duty materials, and are not affected by hot or cold climates.  They UV resistant which makes them perfect for all climates here in Australia.The Ratchet is a self-contained one-piece clamp with 910mm webbing has been break tested with over 90...
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