Blog - In February, 2024
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How Strong Are HUCK Bolts? 28 February 2024 How Strong Are HUCK Bolts?
At Ovesco, we've been working with HUCK bolts for decades, and we understand why they're a popular choice for countless applications. But one question we often get is, "How strong are HUCK bolts?"The answer lies not just in their design but also in their history. Invented in the 1950s by Louis C. Huck, specifically for applications where vibration could loosen traditional nuts and bolts, HUCK bolts have stood the test of time. Their innovative design, featuring a swaged collar instead of a nut,...
Bunded Pallet Guide 27 February 2024 Bunded Pallet Guide
Within industrial and mining environments, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and drums serve as indispensable vessels for transporting and storing an array of chemicals, oils, and fuels. However, the rugged conditions of these settings make these containers vulnerable to knocks, corrosion, and human error, potentially leading to catastrophic failures.At Ovesco, we recognise the importance of mitigating the risks associated with such failures through effective spill-containment solutions. With...
Easter Colouring Competition 2024 15 February 2024 Easter Colouring Competition 2024
Our Easter colouring competition is back - your child's chance to win an Easter basket from Ovesco!The Ovesco Easter colouring competition has been split into two age groups (0-5 and 6-12). One winner will be chosen from each age group. Submit your entry at Ovesco’s Mayfield West store or via email at [email protected] will be chosen and notified on 25 March 2024, and prizes to be collected from Ovesco’s Mayfield West store. Entries close on 22 March 2024.Click to downlo...
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