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Ensuring Your Camper Trailer is Road-Ready: Essential Pre-Trip Checks

22 April 2024 Ensuring Your Camper Trailer is Road-Ready: Essential Pre-Trip Checks

Before you embark on your next outdoor adventure, ensuring your camper trailer is in top condition is crucial for a safe and smooth journey. At Ovesco, we provide high-quality industrial and transport fasteners and hardware to ensure your trailer still is secure and functional no matter where your travels take you. Here's a comprehensive maintenance checklist to help you prepare your trailer for the road.

1. T-Handles and Storage Boxes

"T" Chrome Handle Small Front Fix Locking

Start by examining all T-handles on your trailer’s storage boxes to ensure they turn smoothly without resistance. Verify that the lids on your boxes close tightly and that the gas struts keep adequate pressure to support the lids without sagging. Ensure all fittings are tight and the seals, like pinchwelds, are intact and not damaged.

2. Hinges

OCCO DRC Hinge 304

Inspect all hinges, including piano and weld-on hinges, for signs of rust or looseness. Weld-on hinges, particularly those with greaseable nipples, should show no signs of cracks in the welds and must work smoothly. Maintaining these hinges in good working order is essential for the functionality and safety of your trailer's movable parts.

3. LED Lights

CRL280RLED 280 Series Combination LED Light

LED lights are vital for visibility and safety; check that all lights function correctly and that they are securely mounted on the trailer. Ensure there are no loose connections or damaged fixtures.

4. Tie Down Rings

Tie Down Rings Recessed 101 x 95mm

Tie down rings should be sturdy and not bent or loose to keep cargo like bikes secure. It is essential that these rings are dependable to prevent any cargo from shifting or falling off during transport.

5. Tailgate Checks

Ojop 701S ZP Steel Over Centre Catch Non Locking

Check over-centre catches on tailgates for operational efficiency and inspect hook plates and threads for rust or wear. The tailgate's functionality is vital for secure loading and unloading.

6. Mudflaps

300 X 350mm Drop 4X4 Mudflap Black

If a mudflap is missing or damaged, replace it to prevent road debris from causing damage or accidents. Mudflaps play a key role in protecting both your trailer and other road users.

7. Drawer Operation

Locking Side Mount 125Kg OCCO Slide

Drawer slides should slide in and out smoothly, and all latches must function correctly. Ensuring these components work properly will make accessing your stored items easier and safer.

8. Safety Equipment

1.0kg ABE Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Safety equipment, such as recovery kits, fire extinguishers, and fire blankets, should be checked for proper operation and secure mounting. Ensure that fire extinguishers are within their expiry date and that fire blankets are accessible in case of an emergency.

9. Underbody Checks

Water Tank 15 Litre

Inspect the underbody for any issues with water tanks, including secure mounting and absence of leaks or damage. This check is essential to prevent any water loss during your trip.

Stock Up on Essentials

If your inspection reveals the need for replacements, Ovesco has a wide range of products designed to enhance and maintain the functionality of your camper trailer. From durable mud flaps to secure locking draw slides and robust tie-down rings, we have everything you need to keep your trailer in prime condition.

For any replacements or upgrades, visit us in store or call us on 1300 290 652. Our expert team is ready to help you in choosing the best products to ensure your trailer is road-ready for your next adventure. Safe travels!

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By Simon Gibb

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