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How Can Ovesco's Safety Products Keep You Safe?

19 July 2023 How Can Ovesco's Safety Products Keep You Safe?

Tradesmen face unique safety challenges in their day-to-day work, whether it involves construction, maintenance, or repairs. Ovesco, a trusted provider of industrial and transportation equipment, understands the importance of keeping tradies safe. With our diverse range of safety products, including wheel chocks, anti-slip tape, emergency breakdown safety triangles, fire blankets, vehicle spill kits and more, Ovesco offers reliable solutions to address common safety concerns faced on the road. In this article, we will explore the benefits of these products and how they can assist you in solving safety problems and ensuring your well-being in the workplace.

Ensuring Stability with Wheel Chocks

One of the primary concerns for trades working with vehicles is preventing accidental movement of vehicles or machinery during work. Ovesco's wheel chocks provide a sturdy and reliable means to ensure stability. Made from durable materials, these chocks are designed to withstand heavy loads. By placing wheel chocks in front of and behind wheels, you can minimise the risk of unintended movement, preventing potential accidents and creating a safer work environment.

Preventing Slips and Falls with Anti-Slip Tape

Workshops are environments where slips and falls can occur, leading to injuries and work disruptions. Ovesco's anti-slip tape offers an effective solution to this problem. This tape is designed to provide superior traction on various surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls. With its durable adhesive backing, the tape ensures long-lasting performance even in high-traffic areas. By applying anti-slip tape to floors, stairs, ramps, and other potential slip hazards, you can create a safer working environment and significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents. Available in a range of widths and colourways, there is an anti-slip tape for every job. Ovesco also offers a range of anti-slip steps and plates.

Enhancing Visibility with Emergency Safety Triangles

In situations where a vehicle or machinery breakdown occurs on the worksite or roadside, visibility is crucial for the safety of drivers. Ovesco's emergency safety triangles are specifically designed for this purpose. These highly visible reflective triangles can be easily deployed to warn others of a stopped vehicle or machinery ahead. By placing these triangles at a safe distance from the breakdown, you can alert nearby workers or passing traffic, minimising the risk of further accidents, and ensuring your safety during roadside incidents.

Fighting Fire Hazards with Fire Blankets

In certain industries, there is a higher potential for fire risks due to the presence of flammable materials or hazardous conditions. Ovesco's fire blankets provide a practical and efficient method for controlling small fires in a wide range of applications, including commercial, industrial, home, kitchen, vehicle, truck, and mobile home settings. Made from fire-resistant materials, these blankets can effectively smother flames by cutting off the oxygen supply. Our fire-proof blankets are folded into quick-release packages that can be conveniently stored in utes, heavy machinery, or portable offices. You and your team will be able to access them quickly and respond to fire threats effectively, preventing the escalation of fires and safeguarding lives and property.

Handling Spills with Vehicle Spill Kits

If you work with hazardous substances or fluids, you understand the importance of prompt spill response. Ovesco's vehicle spill kits are designed to assist you in managing and containing spills effectively. These kits include absorbent pads, booms, gloves, and disposal bags, allowing you to address spills quickly and safely before they spread and cause further hazards. By having a vehicle spill kit on hand, you can mitigate the environmental impact of spills and minimise the risk of slips, falls, or exposure to harmful substances.

Ovesco's range of safety products, including wheel chocks, anti-slip tape, emergency breakdown safety triangles, fire blankets, and vehicle spill kits, offer practical solutions for tradies to address safety challenges in their work environment. By using these products, you can minimise the risk of accidents, injuries, and potential hazards. Whether it is ensuring stability, preventing slips and falls, enhancing visibility, fighting fire hazards, or managing spills, Ovesco's safety products play a crucial role in promoting a safer workplace and protecting the well-being of you and your workmates. Prioritising safety is not just a responsibility but also an investment in preventing work-related incidents, maintaining productivity, and ensuring peace of mind in all professional endeavours.

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