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How Strong Are HUCK Bolts?

28 February 2024 How Strong Are HUCK Bolts?

At Ovesco, we've been working with HUCK bolts for decades, and we understand why they're a popular choice for countless applications. But one question we often get is, "How strong are HUCK bolts?"

The answer lies not just in their design but also in their history. Invented in the 1950s by Louis C. Huck, specifically for applications where vibration could loosen traditional nuts and bolts, HUCK bolts have stood the test of time. Their innovative design, featuring a swaged collar instead of a nut, ends this problem entirely.

Strength in Every Aspect: Tensile, Shear, and Beyond

HUCK bolts offer superior strength compared to conventional bolts in several key ways:

  • Tensile Strength: Tests have shown that HUCK bolts can deliver 10-20% higher tensile strength than their threaded counterparts. This makes them ideal for applications requiring exceptional holding power.
  • Shear Strength: The unique swaged joint of a HUCK bolt provides excellent shear strength, making it crucial for applications where components experience forces pushing them in opposite directions.
  • Vibration Resistance: The very reason for their invention, HUCK bolts excel in resisting vibration. Unlike conventional nuts and bolts that can loosen over time due to constant movement, the swaged collar of a HUCK bolt remains permanently locked, ensuring joint integrity.

Beyond strength and speed, HUCK bolts offer several other benefits:

  • Consistent Pre-Loading: The swaging process ensures consistent and reliable pre-load on the joint, crucial for structural integrity.
  • Improved Load Distribution: The wide collar and head of the HUCK bolt distribute the load more effectively, enhancing structural integrity.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Many HUCK bolts come with corrosion-resistant coatings, making them suitable for harsh environments.
  • Fatigue Resistance: The unique lock groove design prevents fatigue, ensuring the joint's long-term strength and reliability.

So, are HUCK bolts strong? They certainly are. Their superior strength, unmatched vibration resistance, and ease of installation make them a valuable choice for various applications where a reliable and secure fastening solution is critical.


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