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Your One-Stop Shop for HUCK Tool Hire Needs

29 May 2024 Your One-Stop Shop for HUCK Tool Hire Needs

While you might know Ovesco for our friendly customer service and expert advice, there's a hidden gem many customers miss: our extensive HUCK Tool Hire program!

Here's what you might not know about our HUCK Tool Hire services:

Sure, we offer a wide range of HUCK tools and exceptional service – but what truly sets us apart? Here's why Ovesco should be your go-to for HUCK Tool Hire:

Flexible Hire Options: We understand projects come in all shapes and sizes. That's why we offer daily, weekly, monthly, and even long-term hire rates to perfectly match your needs. Our friendly team can help you find the most cost-effective solution for your project timeline.

Certified Expertise: Our team isn't just friendly; they're accredited HUCK Tool specialists. They can advise on the right tool for your project and ensure all rented equipment is thoroughly inspected and serviced by certified technicians – giving you peace of mind on the job site.

Peace of Mind with Certified Equipment: Our genuine HUCK tools are meticulously maintained by our certified technicians.  This translates to less downtime for you and a smoother project flow.

Nationwide Delivery and Diverse Range: We don't just deliver HUCK tools across Australia; we offer the country's most diverse range. This means you get the exact tool you need for the job, no matter how specialised. No matter where you're located in Australia, we can deliver your HUCK tools directly to your doorstep.  Alternatively, if you're in the Newcastle area, you can pick them up from our store for added convenience.

Who Can Benefit?

Ovesco's HUCK Tool Hire caters to a wide range of individuals and businesses. Whether you're a small engineering firm, a large company in the mining or rail industries, or an individual needing a specific HUCK tool for a personal project, we have you covered.

Don’t forget your Fasteners!

While you're securing the perfect HUCK tool for the job, remember – Ovesco also offers a comprehensive range of HUCK fasteners! Our team can ensure you have the compatible fasteners to work seamlessly with your rented HUCK tool.  This one-stop shop approach saves you time and ensures you have everything you need to complete your project efficiently.

So, next time you have a project requiring HUCK tools, think beyond the purchase. Ovesco's HUCK Tool Hire program offers a flexible, cost-effective, and expert-backed solution to get the job done right. Contact our friendly team today and let's find the perfect HUCK tool hire solution for you!

David Bendeich Technical Sales Tooling and Fasteners

By David Bendeich

Technical Sales – Tooling and Fasteners - ovesco

With over 22 years of experience at Ovesco, David Bendeich specialises in providing tailored solutions for tooling and fasteners. His expertise spans small-diameter rivets, threaded inserts, and large-diameter HUCK bolts, along with the pneudraulic and hydraulic tools necessary for their installation.

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