Hold Hinges Open at 120, 170 & 180 Degrees Without Support

G6 Hinge
G6 Hinge

G6 Hinge

Position Control, Detent

  • Holds door open without secondary mechanical support
  • Detent holds door at 120° or 170°
  • Can be opened to 180°
$25.25 - $25.50 (GST Inc) $22.95 - $23.18 (GST Ex) See Details Select Size Options Ask a Question

Sizing Options

Card No.
Part No.
Detent Angle
Positioning Torque
GST Inc.
Card No.
Part No.
Detent Angle
120° / 170°
Positioning Torque
1.1 Nm (10 lbf)
$25.25 (GST Inc.)
$22.95 (GST Ex.)
Card No.
Part No.
Detent Angle
No Detents
Positioning Torque
$25.50 (GST Inc.)
$23.18 (GST Ex.)

What are Southco G6 hinges?

Southco G6 Hinges are a series of premium plastic hinges able to lock open at 120°, 170° and 180°. 

The G6 Hinge series offers robust construction and commercial-grade durability to meet the needs of high-traffic applications. Thanks to their rigid mounting system, they remain secure despite potential impacts or vibrations from heavy use or movement.

The hinges are built with precision engineering, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. They provide safe, reliable operation in harsh environments such as extreme temperatures and exposure to ultraviolet light. 

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What are G6 hinges?

A G6 hinge can effectively hold a door open without any secondary mechanical support. They are commonly used for position control in the industrial and transport sectors. When the door is closed, the hinge operates smoothly, allowing a seamless movement.

What are the benefits of G6 hinges?

How to install a G6 hinge?

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