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Bunded Pallet Guide

27 February 2024 Bunded Pallet Guide

Within industrial and mining environments, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and drums serve as indispensable vessels for transporting and storing an array of chemicals, oils, and fuels. However, the rugged conditions of these settings make these containers vulnerable to knocks, corrosion, and human error, potentially leading to catastrophic failures.

At Ovesco, we recognise the importance of mitigating the risks associated with such failures through effective spill-containment solutions. With a diverse range of options, navigating choosing a pallet and understanding the associated costs can be overwhelming. Let us help you find the ideal spill containment solution for your specific needs.

Bunded Spill Pallet Pricing:

Spill pallet type Price From

Single IBC unit



Double IBC unit



Two drum pallet



Four drum pallet



Please note that prices provided are current at the time of publication and are subject to change.

Product Composition:

Bunded Pallets are made from a heavy-duty Polyethylene base. This robust material resists chemical attack. It does not easily crack, even when knocked or manhandled. The grating of Bunded Pallets provides excellent chemical resistance and the strength needed for the primary container load.

MXP1002 Polyethylene 4 Drum Bund2


Hardcovers for outdoor pallets are made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). They offer weather protection and security against theft or vandalism. The hardcover pallet is designed to be lockable for access control.

Heavy-duty PVC covers are available to protect IBCs, drums and pallets from adverse weather conditions. This will prolong the life of the primary containers and delay the onset of corrosion. They also prevent excess rainwater from building up inside the spill pallet. A water level in the pallet base will take up space intended for spilled product. This could result in an environmental incident if the spill pallet overflows.

Rack and Stack for drums, bunded trolleys, and drum lids are also available.

Applicable Industries:

Bunded Pallets are ideal for industries where drums or IBCs of chemicals, oils and fuels are used.

This includes mine sites where facilities are remote and sensitive natural environments must be protected. Warehousing areas are also a prime application for Bunded Pallets, where the safe storage and handling of chemicals, oils, and fuels are paramount.

For more information on our spill containment solutions, contact our team on 1300 290 359.

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