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What does a Sideboard Hinge do?

24 January 2024 What does a Sideboard Hinge do?

Understanding the Role of Sideboard Hinges

When it comes to the smooth operation of your ute's tailgate, there's a small yet mighty hero at play – the sideboard hinge. Let's break down what these hinges do and how they give you the freedom to swing your tailgate wide open or pop it off and back on whenever you need to.

What's a Sideboard Hinge?

At Ovesco, we like to keep things simple. It lets you choose: drop your tailgate open or pop it off and on. Perfect for utes, trucks, or trailers, these hinges are heavy-duty and built to last. A sideboard hinge is a heavy-duty hardware component used in a tailgate or sideboard assembly and is attached to a ute or truck bed. Sideboard hinges feature a pivot point enabling the smooth swinging and flipping over of your ute's sideboards or rearboard, providing convenient access to your bed and creating additional space for transporting large items.


How Do They Work?

Sideboard hinges, also known as drop side hinges or strap hinges, operate by attaching the gudgeon to your ute or truck's bed, while the hinge, either welded or bolted onto the sideboard, is secured by a nylon bush on the gudgeon. This nylon bush ensures a stable connection, preventing any wobbling. The beauty of sideboard hinges lies in their simplicity – to fully remove the sideboard, just slide the panel to the open end of the gudgeon. It's a quick and easy process, turning what could be a complex task into a seamless operation for your vehicle.

Versatile Applications

Versatile and essential, heavy-duty sideboard and tailgate hinges adapt to diverse needs, providing seamless operation on utes, trucks, or trailers. Prioritising durability, convenience, and versatility, these hinges are indispensable.

Whether you drive a ute, truck, or tow a trailer, Ovesco's sideboard hinges offer versatility and convenience.

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